Dr. Anthony Fauci Brings Surprising Claim Regarding Mask Wearing for Children

Dr. Anthony Fauci Brings Surprising Claim Regarding Mask Wearing for Children

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to be one of the most prominent public voices that are willing to explain how people should be dealing with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Although countries are considering giving up restrictions related to the pandemic, the infectious disease expert remains strongly in favor of mask-wearing.

Dr. Fauci considers that even children should keep wearing masks, which will obviously piss off a lot of folks. The little ones were thought from the start of the pandemic to be the most resistant group of people in the face of the virus. 

It’s risky to take masks off the little ones

Credit: Pixabay.com, Ken Chuang
Credit: Pixabay.com, Ken Chuang

Anthony Fauci declared as Fox News quotes:

It’s understandable why people want to take masks off the kids. But, right now, given the level of activity that we have, it is risky.

The expert added as quoted by the same source:

Now we could get lucky, cause the trajectory right now is going way down,

And it very well may be that if you take masks off of kids in the next week or so, it’s going to keep going down. But you have to be careful.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, meaning the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released an interesting statement a few days ago, as CNBC.com quotes:

We must consider hospital capacity as an additional important barometer. We want to give people a break from things like mask wearing when these metrics are better and then have the ability to reach for them again should things worsen.

As the Omicron variant seems to slow down its force across the world, medical experts are fearing that another variant might soon take its place: BA.2, meaning a subvariant of Omicron itself. BA.2 is even more contagious than Omicron, which is one of the reasons it’s being feared. 


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