Downloading Specific App Supposed to Be for COVID Will Infect Your Device With Malware

Downloading Specific App Supposed to Be for COVID Will Infect Your Device With Malware

The ongoing COVID pandemic has impacted the lives of each and every one of us in one way or another. Therefore, using an app meant to help us out in informing what infected regions to avoid seems very necessary.

But as things go a lot of times regarding software applications, not all of them are really helpful. Some will just pretend to help you out, but instead, they will give you viruses.

Don’t click on ‘Omicron Stats.exe’ sent via email, claiming of offering Omicron-related stats

The Omicron variant of COVID spreads like wildfire across the globe, and you have all the reasons to try to avoid infection. Even installing an app. That’s precisely what cyber thieves are betting on. Not all apps are useful.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The app that makes the subject of the present article will be sent as a download link in your mailbox, appearing as Omicron Stats.exe. Following the link shall get your device infected with a new version of the RedLine malware, according to The malware has the potential of stealing highly-important information from the victim’s device. Here’s what kind of information the malware steals:

  • Passwords stored in the browser
    – VPN details
    – Credit card info
    – Cryptocurrency wallet info
    – The device’s details and specifications

Otherwise, trying to stay safe from the Omicron variant of COVID is one of the wisest things you can do. According to information brought by, the numbers of COVID infections across the world are now terrifying. In France, for instance, over 460,000 infections with the coronavirus were reported yesterday, January 18.

There are plenty of symptoms that the Omicron variant can manifest in a person. One of them is “loud” and it occurs in one of five dully vaccinated individuals.



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