Don’t Rely on Vitamin D to Treat Respiratory Infections, New Study Says

Don’t Rely on Vitamin D to Treat Respiratory Infections, New Study Says

Vitamin D is very important for the human body. It has the role of regulating calcium and phosphate, which are needed for keeping our muscles and bones healthy. Vitamin D can also strengthen our immune system, boost our mood, and more.

Although nobody can deny the importance of Vitamin D, the problem is that some people tend to rely too much on it. Large clinical trials are now supporting the idea that the importance of vitamin D is being exaggerated.

Vitamin D supplements can’t overcome respiratory infections

According to CNN, the new clinical trials reveal that if you take vitamin D supplements, you don’t have better odds of preventing respiratory infections or COVID.

Dr. Arne Søraas from Oslo University Hospital’s department of microbiology explained as CNN quotes:

As a medical doctor I see much speculation that very high doses of vitamin D could have beneficial effects for a range of different diseases, but I would encourage everybody to follow science-based government recommendations for all nutrients,
Our results support existing recommendations which do not include massive doses.

One of the studies included 34,000 Norwegian participants who were given cod liver oil or a placebo. The goal was to see how vitamin D behaves in the face of a threat like COVID and respiratory infection.

Søraas also stated, as the same publication mentioned above quotes:

The major takeaway is that for people in general, a vitamin D supplement did not prevent COVID-19, serious COVID-19 or symptomatic acute respiratory tract infections

Vitamin D supplements won’t help you against the threat of respiratory infections or COVID even if your body already lacks the vitamin at the right levels.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the human body already has the capacity to produce vitamin D for itself while it’s being exposed to sunlight. In other words, it would be a bad idea to spend too much time indoors.


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