Donald Trump Reveals That He Got Vaccinated for COVID

Donald Trump Reveals That He Got Vaccinated for COVID

In a world where every public figure seems to be willing to get vaccinated for COVID, former US President Donald Trump is no exception. Trump admitted to Yahoo Finance Live that he got vaccinated for COVID with Pfizer’s jab. Furthermore, he revealed that he got the vaccine even before leaving the White House.

As quoted by Yahoo News, the former US President said:

Well, I got the Pfizer and I would have been very happy with any of them.

Donald Trump had to deal with the coronavirus last fall when he contracted the virus. He declared, as also quoted by Yahoo! News:

I had it, recovered from it pretty well. I don’t think I had it like the press, like the media said, you know, they would try to make it difficult,

It’s not pleasant, but I had it.

While the USA is struggling to cope with the surge of COVID infections due to the Delta variant, there have been some signs of encouragement recently. According to The Guardian, the country is seeing a 29% decrease in cases over two weeks from September. However, Americans still have to remain vigilant, as experts claim that the virus remains a significant threat.


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