Dog Flu on the Rise in Philadelphia – Here’s How to Protect Your Pet from it!

Dog Flu on the Rise in Philadelphia – Here’s How to Protect Your Pet from it!

Veterinarians have revealed that a rare outbreak of canine influenza is currently on the rise in Philadelphia, leading to more and more pets becoming ill.
Just like people, dogs can develop upper respiratory infections as well according to veterinarian Stephen Cole who spoke to Action News.
The expert stressed that there has been an increase in canine influenza over the past month, so many owners are rather worried about their fluffy family members.
One such dog owner, Mary Dandrea, admitted that “Honestly, that just makes me want to leave the dog park. I am a little concerned about that.”
Earlier this week, several dogs were playing with one another at the Schuylkill River Dog Run, which could have allowed them to transmit the virus.
Cole mentioned that “Canine influenza is considerably more infectious and more transmissible than typical bacteria viruses that we usually see, causing upper respiratory and tract infections in dogs. That is why it’s more concerning.”
Sure enough, the veterinarian shared that the best way to protect your pet dog from this canine flu is to keep it far from other dogs.
“That spreads from dog to dog by barking, coughing, sneezing and can be shared on different surfaces and objects as well.”
Another dog owner from the Philadelphia area, Stacey Thomas, mentioned that “We also get concerned when they’re like sharing water bowls.”
Cole says that vaccination is available, but that it has been on backorder in certain places.
He has also heard that more would be released, but he advises you to check with your veterinarian to be sure that is the case.
He emphasized that it’s crucial to keep in mind that, like any vaccination, it’s not 100 percent effective.
Cole also told the news outlet that “There are some vaccines available, but it takes time just like any other vaccine to be efficacious and there might also be some limited availability right now because of how much there has been going around the country.”
Thankfully, Cole emphasized that most instances will be minor so just ensure your pet gets some rest and it should be fine.


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