Doctors Warn About Possible Everlasting COVID-19 Symptom

Doctors Warn About Possible Everlasting COVID-19 Symptom

If you’re a healthy person and you get infected with COVID-19, the chances are high that you’ll recover with ease. But there’s one specific symptom that may stick with you forever, regardless of how healthy and strong you are now. The usual symptoms of the coronavirus are already known by everyone: dry cough, headaches, body aches, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

The loss of smell and taste is another COVID-19 symptom found especially in the case of those who suffer from mild forms of the coronavirus. As writes, this awful symptom could stick with you forever.

86% of mild COVID-19 patients lose their taste and smell

According to a recent study from the Journal of Internal Medicine (JIM), 86 percent of those who suffer from mild COVID-19 illness also had to deal with a loss of taste and smell. While many of them recover completely, including their senses of taste and smell, The Wall Street Journal brings the awful news that some people’s senses might never come back.

Leo Newhouse, a cognitive and neurological expert, declared:

The good news is that olfactory neurons are capable of regeneration,

The bad news is that not everyone will return to his or her pre-COVID level of functioning.

Losing your smell and taste is obviously unbearable for most of us, as the symptom could even lead to depression. But if you’re one of the unlucky people who lost the sense of smell or taste, there’s no use losing hope just yet. Experts also say that there’s a good chance that the senses will recover in a maximum of a year.

The overall situation of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to look horrifying, as there’s a total of over 91 million infections and more than 1.96 million deaths.


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3 thoughts on “Doctors Warn About Possible Everlasting COVID-19 Symptom

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    I got COVID-19 Oct 30 I ended up in the hospital Nov2 I don’t know what happened until about 14 of November. On the 17 I wanted to go home I started having the symptoms fatigue, headaches that pierced my left eye, fog brain ., no taste and smell, I try to do something my back hurts so bad I sit back down, the ringing is so bad in my ears, t he dry coughing was horrible now I have lost half my hair I’m scared will it grow back, it is now January 12. Finally my oxygen it stable at 84 this week I was down to 48 and up to 140. Now I’m getting the headaches again. And fatigued.
    I am tired of this I have so much to do. I was surprised I have had such a hard time I thought my husband was the one who was going to. I was having trouble with my thyroid hypo then hyper so my immune system was already at risk

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    A lot of people don’t have a sense of smell or taste, not due to Coronavirus, but due to sinus problems-that is unfixable as well!! So they just HAVE to live & adjust to life without…. I know I am one of them.


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