Doctors Reveal When Should COVID-19 Survivors Get Vaccinated

Doctors Reveal When Should COVID-19 Survivors Get Vaccinated

If you’re among those over 90 million cases of COVID-19 infections and you managed to survive the disease, you are indeed very lucky. But as vaccinations are ongoing in most parts of the world, it’s a little complicated in the case of those who have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. writes that doctors offer guidance for those COVID-19 survivors who want to get vaccinated. It’s generally alright for them to get vaccinated as long as they don’t manifest symptoms anymore and they don’t have an active infection, although things can get tricky here.

Waiting 90 days after infection is mandatory

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) advisory committee, individuals must wait 90 days after the infection occurred, as reinfection is unlikely during such a time span. As for those patients who had long-term COVID-19 symptoms, there’s a chance that the vaccine could aggravate an inflammatory response. Therefore, doctors say that it’s best for these latter individuals to hold off. Those who already had COVID-19 are the last on the priority list when it comes to vaccinations in the US.

Dr. Steven Deeks, who’s medicine professor at the University of California, San Francisco, declared for Business Insider:

In terms of whether the vaccine is needed to prevent reinfection, in general I’m of the mindset that it can’t hurt and it might help,

So for the general population who’ve done well post-COVID, [if] it has been three months, get a vaccine.

In the case of people who still experience long-term COVID-19 symptoms, there’s no recommendation available yet because there’s still no certainty for what’s causing the lingering ailments.

The overall situation of the ongoing pandemic continues to look bad. The US remains the most affected country, with almost 23 million infections and more than 383,000 deaths.


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