Doctor From California Refuses to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19

Doctor From California Refuses to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19

It may be surprising for most people, but not all doctors and those working in the medical field are willing to get vaccinated for COVID. One good example is the case of a doctor from the Californian city of Santa Barbara. Dr. Mark Abate is his name, and he’s a hematologist and oncologist with experience of over 33 years. According to, he refuses COVID vaccination.

Abate declared as quoted by

I am personally against the current vaccine and testing mandates that currently affect health-care workers and professionals in the State of California,

I am personally against any form of vaccine mandate, or passport. I believe that they are divisive and do far more harm than good.

The doctor isn’t an anti-vaxxer, and he also explained the following, as also quoted by

I’m not against the vaccine. I’d say the majority of my friends and colleagues and family have taken the vaccine, but I do think it should be up to the individual person,

I haven’t been vaccinated all this time, and it was safe for me to practice. Now, all of a sudden after September 30, it’s no longer safe if I’m not vaccinated.

If we take a look at Our World in Data, we find out that the current vaccination rate across the world isn’t going exactly as planned: only 43.9% of the planet’s population has received at least a shot of an anti-COVID vaccine. Furthermore, 28.15 million doses are currently administered every day, according to the same source.

Otherwise, the COVID pandemic keeps spreading across the world, mainly due to the Delta variant. reveals that there is a total of over 231 million COVID infections and more than 4.7 million deaths since the very first outbreak of the virus.


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  1. People are blaming the I’m not vaccinated people in my opinion what about all these immigrants bring it all these diseases over here don’t you think maybe that’s the reason it is spreading and we’re not getting rid of it they’re not making them get covid shots it it’s a bad situation


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