Disneyland Becomes a COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Disneyland Becomes a COVID-19 Vaccination Center

The vaccine rollout is starting to accelerate, as experts see it as a great solution in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused over 2 million worldwide deaths so far. However, many people are skeptical or hesitant about the vaccination, and everybody has the right to believe as they please.

California is the hardest hit American state by the new coronavirus, counting almost 3 million infections. Therefore, the authorities decided to motivate people even more to receive their first dose of one of the COVID-19 vaccines approved in the US: by opening a vaccination center at Disneyland, according to Yahoo.com. Not to mention that many had been considering California’s rollout of its vaccination program to be too slow.

Probably the happiest place in the world

It’s a bit ironic that the ongoing pandemic forced the closure of Disneyland, the world-famous theme park. But now, hundreds of patients drove up to the parking lot from Anaheim resort to be inoculated in white tents – health care workers and those over the age of 65, meaning the most exposed groups to the infection with COVID-19.

Lisa Bartlett, the Orange County supervisor, declared the following as she was referencing the famous Disney descriptor:

Today for many people getting vaccinated, it is truly the happiest place on Earth

Gary Dohman, a lung cancer patient of 81-years-old, declared after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine:

Easy — piece of cake, nothing to it. Didn’t even feel it go in,

I’ve been cooped up in a house for 10 months, can’t go anywhere. I want to get my second shot and do a little traveling.

The Disneyland site is expected to administer more than 7,000 vaccine shots per day. The overall numbers of infections of deaths caused by COVID-19 in the US continue to remain at staggering levels, as there’s a total of over 24 million infected people and over 400,000 deaths.



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