Did Nain Boy Die of Tuberculosis?

Did Nain Boy Die of Tuberculosis?

People who live in Nain are currently in a state of shock after a 14-year-old boy died. He came from the northern Labrador community Sunday, in St. John. Now, people fear that the cause of his death was tuberculosis.

What Happened?

Gussie Bennett, as the boy was named, arrived to a clinic in Nain. From there, he was taken to Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday. Next, he was taken to St. John’s, where he died. He found his tragic ending at the Janeway children’s hospital, on Sunday, at almost 10 PM.

Also on Sunday, Katie Suarak, the boy’s mother, had posted on Facebook that a doctor told her her son had tuberculosis. Richard Pamak, who is an ordinary member of the Nunatsiavut government, declared for Labrador Morning on CBC that he was shocked to hear about this. He was surprised to hear that Gussie had been receiving a treatment for TB. Moreover, the family was also shocked.

But What Is the Truth?

Pamak also declared that we can’t know for sure whether Gussie had tuberculosis until they perform an autopsy. He added that the boy was an average young teenager, who loved to go outside, hockey, and fishing. Moreover, he declared that he was shocked by the news especially since the government made extra efforts to get rid of the tuberculosis danger back in 2009 and in 2015.

The community is still waiting to find the answer. The Nunatsiavut government, together with the Labrador Grenfell Health and Eastern Health, made up a plan. They want to make sure that everyone who contacted someone who has tuberculosis was tested. The authorities are still doing some followups, as well as educating people about the risks. People are still asking themselves, as well as the authorities, how is it possible for a boy to die of tuberculosis, especially when the government fought so much against it.


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