Diabetics, Keep Your Gear Organized With One Of These 4 Cases

Diabetics, Keep Your Gear Organized With One Of These 4 Cases

They say a lady’s purse is always as roomy as it needs to be, but nobody has any quirky things to say about diabetics and their superhuman struggle to carry all the gear they need in an orderly fashion. Any bag that must be taken everywhere and used every day must be particularly well-build and offer stability. Not to mention the fact that such an important medical bag should be at least somewhat customizable, to fit the needs of different sufferers, depending on the type of diabetes, and personal preference.

There are some general considerations that are universally applicable. Pockets to hold and protect glucose meter cases, test strips, emergency medication, fragile ampules, and other supplies are a must. Efficient use of space is another crucial element, otherwise you’ll find yourself lugging around a flabby, inconvenient purse-inside-a-purse. Nobody wants that. And, last of our little list of general prerequisites, a cooling lining, to keep insulin at the required temperature when traveling.

The following examples address all of these issues to varying degrees, and they’re all used by thousands of people, helping them keep their diabetes in check every day, all over the world. We hope you’ll find your favorite solution among them.

Medicool Dia-Pak

Why not start with a solid all-rounder? This pack can be folded and fits inside any travel package, but it can be carried separately as well. It can even clip on to your belt. And best of all, it has a special freezable pack which can keep your insulin cool in transit. Its internal compartments are well padded and hold things in place with proper care, so that nothing rattles or breaks. It’s truly a dependable pack.

Insulpak Insulated Medication Travel Bag

This powerful bag is definitely not meant to be worn at the belt (although it could be, fashion be damned), but it will keep your medication cool for up to 30 hours, and it will fit everything you need, including needles, syringes and anything else you might need. It is 25 cm wide, 19 cm high and 6.3 cm deep, and made of very sturdy materials. At this size, you can stock enough supplies for a week. But the main feature that recommends this bag is the external display which shows the temperature of the items inside. This display is accurate and can give the user a lot of peace of mind.

Duragadget Rigid Insulin Shell Storage and Travel Case

Soft, spongy inside lining to keep fragile items cozy, and a hard, durable shell on the outside, for the real protection during travel. Inside, there’s a netted area to hold things in their proper place. There’s also an elastic security strap made out of velcro. This smaller but uncompromising pack can be clipped to your belt, and will serve you for years.

Banting Diabetes Supply Case

This case is the most stylish and professional looking out of all those we’ve introduced. The leather construction and high quality stitching make it very durable, as well as the heavy duty zipper. Besides, it’s one of those rare items that actually feels bigger on the inside. Still, it’s recommended mostly for people who use an insulin pump, simply because it’s harder to stuff insulin supplies inside, and it won’t help control their temperature, as other bags in this list do.

There are three zippered pouches inside, one of which can be used to dispose of used cotton swabs or test strips. The other two pouches can keep pen needles and test strips respectively. And keep them they will, in an iron, protective grip. Elastic bands and generous padding, as well as the very structure of the case make sure things never rattle, and stay safe even if you happen to drop the whole pouch on the floor.

Of course, there are many many more options on the market, but these are the best, most versatile four we could find. Do you know of better options out there? Let us know in the comments!


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