Diabetes Becomes More Prevalent for the Younger Population in a Big US City – Doctors are Worried

Diabetes Becomes More Prevalent for the Younger Population in a Big US City – Doctors are Worried

Diabetes can lead to terrible outcomes, even death for some patients. The ADA even reports AIDS and breast cancer combined kill fewer Americans in a year than diabetes does.

According to CBS Pittsburg, there’s an increase in diabetes cases among the younger population. Mary Vouyiouklis Kellis, a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, emphasizes that the situation is bad, and said as quoted by CBS Pittsburg:

The task force changed the guidelines and reduce the age of screening of people with obesity and overweight to 35 years old instead of 40 years old.

She also continued by saying, as cited by the same source:

Screening early makes sense, diabetes is on the rise, obesity is on the rise, we’re seeing diabetes in much greater incidence in our youth.

The doctor also didn’t hesitate to speak about the consequences, as once again, cited by CBS Pittsburg:

It is the leading cause of blindness it can cause bleeding behind the eyes,

It can affect kidney function, it can affect the nerves and cause nerve damage. It can cause erectile dysfunction. It can even affect mental health and mood. So it’s very important that we address this as soon as we know that someone has this disease.

However, we all know that diabetes is preventable if you frequently consume the right foods.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes diabetes as a long-lasting health condition that affects the way our bodies transform the food we eat into energy. Most of the food is released into the bloodstream after being broken down into sugar. The pancreas comes into the scene to create insulin when the blood sugar is too much.

When a person has diabetes, what happens is that the body is incapable of making enough insulin anymore, or it cannot take advantage of the insulin that it makes.


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