Detecting Pancreatic Cancer With Just a Blood Test – It’s Likely Months Away From Implementation

Detecting Pancreatic Cancer With Just a Blood Test – It’s Likely Months Away From Implementation

Pancreatic cancer is known as one of the most dangerous types of cancers, and it’s also difficult of being diagnosed in its early stages. But for the second part, that might not be a problem anymore in the near future, as instead of making frequent visits to the doctor, the disease could be diagnosed by simply running a blood test.

The staggering news is brought by Daily Mail, and the miracle-blood test is developed by Immunovia, a Swedish biotech firm. The test is being trialled at the University of College on 2,000 patients, as well as at 20 other centres from the US, Sweden, and Spain.

A single drop of blood would be enough

The blood test will look for signs of pancreatic cancer by analyzing different levels of roughly 30 proteins and other compounds. The test will use antibodies to pick out the compounds. Sophisticated scanning equipment will further be used.

There are strong reasons to add a lot of faith in the test for saving pancreatic cancer patients. Previous research reveals that the test has shown a 96 percent accuracy in identifying people with early-stage pancreatic cancers.

Alastair Young, a consultant pancreaticobiliary surgeon from St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, declared as cited by Daily Mail:

Pancreatic cancer, more than most cancers, needs earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment without delay.
A test like this — that has the potential to help us achieve earlier diagnosis and treatment — would be very welcome. We await the results with great interest.

As new results are needed to confirm the efficacy of the blood test in diagnosing pancreatic cancer, another great news is that the test could even be used for other forms of cancer, such as lung cancer.

You know what they say that times solves everything, so all we have to do is wait patiently for new info on the matter.


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