Despite the Omicron COVID Variant Slowing Down, Experts Urge US Citizens to Prepare for New Outbreaks

Despite the Omicron COVID Variant Slowing Down, Experts Urge US Citizens to Prepare for New Outbreaks

The Omicron variant is not as prevalent anymore as it was during its early stages. There are lots of ways to tackle the coronavirus in 2022, and we all should be grateful to science for that.

Despite the COVID pandemic being significantly less dangerous than before and restrictions being lifted, more outbreaks might be on their way to the USA, the hardest-hit country by the virus. Therefore, experts claim that leaders of cities and states from the country should take advantage of the overall calm situation in order to prepare for future outbreaks, according to The Guardian.

Could it be just the calm before the storm?

Experts also claim that when the next COVID surge hits, the US should be prepared with testing, masks, vaccination campaigns, and so on.

Abraar Karan, who’s an infectious disease physician at Stanford University, declared as the source mentioned above quotes:

Once we have another variant, whenever that may be, the amount of spread from that variant will depend on what kind of preparedness we do now. What are we doing to make schools, workplaces and public spaces more safe?

What scientists are basically saying is that we always have to be prepared for the worst when it comes to COVID, which is a pretty reasonable way of thinking considering how the pandemic affected the world. Each and every one of us was affected in one way or another, whether we’re talking about the disease itself or any kind of restriction related to it. 

Jason Salemi, who is an associate professor of epidemiology from the University of South Florida College of Public Health, said it clear, as also quoted by The Guardian:

We need to expect the unexpected with Covid-19.

According to information provided by, the USA has reported a total number of over 81 million infections with the coronasvirus since the pandemic started.


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