Despite Getting Vaccinated, Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson Tests Positive for COVID

Despite Getting Vaccinated, Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson Tests Positive for COVID

Unfortunately, the coronavirus doesn’t spare even great men such as Bruce Dickinson, a polymath and the vocal of one of the best heavy metal bands in history: Iron Maiden. The virus sometimes doesn’t even care if you’ve been vaccinated, as it was well-known from the start that vaccinations don’t grant 100% immunity.

Bruce Dickinson now qualifies for the description. According to the Rolling Stone publication, the heavy metal singer tested positive for COVID-19, although he has been previously vaccinated for the disease.

Bruce had flu-like symptoms

Bruce Dickinson had a member of his immediate household tested positive. Later on, Iron Maiden’s vocal himself took a COVID test, and although he’s fully vaccinated, the result came back positive.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The rockstar said for Rolling Stone:

I thought, ‘Oh well, sh*t,’

I was kind of sneezing a bit. For a couple of days, I felt a bit groggy, kind of like the flu, and that was it. And I’m 63 years old. I’ve pretty much got no doubt that had I not had the vaccine, I could be in serious trouble.

Bruce Dickinson is using his downtime for accommodating interviews about the upcoming album of Iron Maiden. The famous British band will release a new LP entitled “Senjutsu” in early September.

Although Bruce Dickinson is best known for his artistic activity in the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, the man is also a polymath who had great success in various areas.
According to statistics revealed by, the COVID pandemic has caused a total number of over 206.6 million infections across the world and more than 4.3 million deaths.

However, the same source brings the good news of over 185.3 million COVID patients that were recovered. The most affected country remains the USA, followed by India, Brazil, Russia, France, the UK, and so on,


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