Dementia Could Be Close if You Manifest This Weird Behavior While Shopping

Dementia Could Be Close if You Manifest This Weird Behavior While Shopping

There’s no fooling around when it comes to dementia. We also certainly must not think that it can only happen when we’re very old. In very rare cases, even individuals as young as 30 can suffer from dementia.

Like pretty much any other disease, dementia installs progressively in an individual’s brain. The good news is that if we’re very sincere with ourselves and take good care of our health, dementia could remain very far away. But also, we have to watch out for any possible symptoms.

Perhaps we all know by now the classic symptoms of dementia. If you manifest memory loss, trouble finding your words while communicating, difficulty in handling complex tasks, difficulty when it comes to adapting in both time and space, you must seek medical help as soon as possible. All of these are dementia symptoms.

But there’s at least one other symptom for dementia that most people don’t have an idea about, and being aware of it is practically mandatory.

Difficulty in handling money while shopping is another red flag

According to, the peculiar symptom for dementia that we all must be on the lookout for is the difficulty of handling money while we’re shopping. To be more precise, you may get confused while trying to calculate the change or the tip while you’re at the restaurant. The experts from the National Health Services (NHS) of the UK are the ones raising the alarm about this behavior as being a possible symptom of dementia. They also reveal that Alzheimer’s patients, meaning those who suffer from the most common form of dementia, are especially affected by this type of behavior.

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) released the following statements, as quoted by

Early on, a person with Alzheimer’s may be able to perform basic tasks, such as paying bills, but he or she is likely to have problems with more complicated tasks, such as balancing a checkbook,

As the disease gets worse, the person may try to hide financial problems to protect his or her independence. Or, the person may not realize that he or she is losing the ability to handle money matters.

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