Daily Number of COVID Cases in Romania Hit New Record

Daily Number of COVID Cases in Romania Hit New Record

Eastern Europe is also pretty affected by the wrath of the COVID pandemic. The old misconception that only highly populated and visited countries have a lot of trouble caused by the coronavirus seems far from the truth.

According to Reuters, the daily number of COVID infections hit a new record in Romania, probably the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe. That’s not so surprising considering that Romanians are generally pretty reluctant when it comes to COVID vaccines – their country has the second-lowest vaccination rate from the entire European Union. This happened due to a lack of trust in the media, the country’s institutions, and the health system.

11,049 infections over 24 hours

Romania’s government announced a record of 11,049 COVID infections on Tuesday. The European country never had a higher number of COVID infections over a 24-hour period. What’s perhaps even more frightening is that on Tuesday, Romania had only 26 beds from the ICUs available.

However, getting vaccinated for COVID in Romania is very easy since there are vaccination centers spread all across the country. Furthermore, the Romanian government is very implicated in the vaccination campaign, along with President Klaus Iohannis. The country’s politicians are frequently trying to convince the population to accept a COVID vaccine.

Romania has managed to vaccinate only about a third of its adult population for COVID. The aim is to vaccinate a lot more people – Prime Minister Florin Citu even believes that everyone from the country should get vaccinated.

According to worldometers.info, Romania reported a total of over 1.2 million infections and more than 36,000 deaths caused by COVID since the very first outbreak of the coronavirus in early 2020. But there is also some good news coming from the same source: about 1.1 million Romanians have recovered from the coronavirus.


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