Cruise Ship Reports COVID-19 Outbreak With Fully Vaccinated Passengers

Cruise Ship Reports COVID-19 Outbreak With Fully Vaccinated Passengers

Covid-19 instances were discovered on a Norwegian Cruise Line yacht that docked in New Orleans at the end of the week, according to the municipality.

Its cruise operator claimed in a report that all staff and passengers have been completely immunized, and that all 10 occurrences are asymptomatic. Wade Berry claimed he went on the cruise with 3 friends to celebrate his cancer remission, but he didn’t learn of those infected and that his sister forwarded him a notice from the New Orleans mayor’s office. Berry reportedly claims that everybody on aboard was tested when the cruise was at sea.

“Governor John Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Department of Health, the City of New Orleans and the Port of New Orleans are aware and working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to initiate existing COVID-19 agreements and protocols with the cruise line,” declared the city of New Orleans.

The Norwegian Breakaway set off from New Orleans on November 28 with 3,200 passengers, stopping in Belize and Mexico along the route. Per the cruising line’s main site, the ship was due back to New Orleans this Sunday. According to the announcement, the cruise company is following all applicable containment and isolation standards. Covid-19 tests will be mandatory for everybody disembarking the ship. Everyone who tested positive for COVID must either go home in their own car or keep self-isolating in cruise line-provided lodgings.

Update confirms 7 additional cases

On the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship that arrived in New Orlean, seven new COVID-19 cases were discovered. The overall amount of COVID-19 infections amongst travelers and staff members now stands at 17. There is one possible incidence of Omicron amongst crew. This is one of the ten already documented instances. The employee is not from Louisiana therefore he did not get off the ship.


Meanwhile, the Louisiana Department of Health reported today that the state had seen first ever instance of Omicron. The Norwegian Breakaway’s people on board are not included in this.


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