Cows Can Help Treat COVID-19 – Here’s How

Cows Can Help Treat COVID-19 – Here’s How

There are various treatments being analyzed for fighting COVID-19 symptoms and also more vaccines are in the works these days. People all over the world have joined forces in order to try and overcome this pandemic that his humanity in 2019 and changes our lives, probably for good.

There’s been a massive healthcare crisis, and the economic one is just starting to make its presence felt, but according to experts, it will get more powerful. 

Anyway, it’s also important to highlight the good news these days in order to try and keep our spirits as high as possible during these difficult times in the middle of which we are.

It’s been revealed that a South Dakota company is expecting to start the human trials next month for a COVID-19 antibody treatment that’s derived from the plasma of cows. Yep, you read that good, cows – but there are not just any regular cows. Experts have genetically engineered these animals in order to give them an immune system that’s part human.

Cows to produce disease-fighting antibodies to COVID-19 

This way, the animals will produce disease-fighting human antibodies to COVID-19, which are then turned into a drug that is able to attack the virus.

“These animals are producing neutralizing antibodies that kill [the novel coronavirus] in the laboratory,” Eddie Sullivan, CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics told CNN.

He continued and said: “We are eager to advance to the clinic as we move forward in the regulatory process with the hopes of bringing this potential COVID-19 therapeutic to patients in need of a solution.”
The company did not say how many people would be studied in the clinical trials and they did not mention how long this whole move will take.

We suggest that you head over to CNN’s original article in order to learn more available details. 

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