COVID Restrictions for Unvaccinated Piss Off Protesters in Beirut

COVID Restrictions for Unvaccinated Piss Off Protesters in Beirut

Many people who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID are considering that they’re being discriminated against by authorities and employers. Restrictions specially targeted towards these individuals are being imposed. It also happened in Lebanon. Hundreds of protesters started to rally in the streets of Beirut and express their discontent, according to The Guardian.

However, getting vaccinated for COVID in Lebanon isn’t mandatory. A day before the protests, the Asian country has reported a record of COVID infections for a single day: 7,974. 

Access to restaurants, hotels, and other venues is conditioned by a certificate

As it happens in Europe, authorities from Lebanon decided that those who want to go to a restaurant, hotel, or other similar venues will have to present proof of vaccination or a negative result of a PCR test. Therefore, if they’re not vaccinated, people have to regularly pay for PCR tests.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Furthermore, civil servants can only go to work if they follow the same rules, which triggered massive discontent. It’s obvious that many of those who aren’t willing to get vaccinated cannot afford to pay for regular PCR tests.

Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder why some protesters consider the situation as being a “dictatorship of vaccination”.

If we take a look at, we realize how fast the Omicron variant is spreading. Since the ongoing COVID pandemic started, a number of over 305.3 million infections were reported across the world. More than 5.5 million people lost the battle with the virus and left this world, unfortunately. Hopefully, they’re in a better place. 

As for Lebanon, the same source mentioned earlier reveals that the country reported a total of over 761,000 infections and more than 9,000 deaths.

We’re expecting to see more protests across various parts of the world as a result of authorities imposing COVID vaccinations.

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