COVID-Related Protest Leads to State of Emergency in Canadian Capital Ottawa

COVID-Related Protest Leads to State of Emergency in Canadian Capital Ottawa

In downtown Ottawa, the Canadian capital, people are gathering in large amounts to manifest their discontent towards COVID-related restrictions. The protest intensifies as the country aims to impose very strict COVID measures. The mayor of the capital city declared a state of emergency on Sunday, according to

There are thousands of protesters in Ottawa, and they’re causing a lot of frustration for the authorities and other inhabitants. The traffic can’t follow its usual pattern, horns are continuously blaring, and the examples can continue. 

An uncontrollable siege

The police chief even named the gathering of the protesters as a siege that became unmanageable. Many of the protesters are truckers. A new rule issued last month demands that all truckers need to get vaccinated for COVID to have the right of crossing the border between Canada and the USA. Obviously, the rule pissed off many truckers.

Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, is very concerned about the impact of the protests, as they’re blocking a major part of the city. As quoted by the BBC, Watson declared:

Clearly, we are outnumbered and we are losing this battle,

This has to be reversed – we have to get our city back.

The police considers stepping up enforcement by applying some severe measures. One of them is the possible arrest of those who would provide help to the protesters by giving them food or fuel.

According to Reuters, convoy organizers demand for the vaccination mandates to be revoked and they don’t plan to leave otherwise.

Marco Mendicino, the Canadian Public Safety Minister, said on CBS Television, as cited by Reuters:

We put the question of vaccines and vaccine mandates on the ballot … in the (2021) election and we’re simply carrying out the promise that we made with the support of the vast majority of Canadians.

Hopefully, things will cool down soon enough.


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