COVID-Related Concern Rises in Australia – The Pandemic is Not Over

COVID-Related Concern Rises in Australia – The Pandemic is Not Over

Regardless of how much most of us like to believe the opposite, the COVID pandemic is not over. New concerns of health experts rise regarding the coronavirus amid the spread of the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of Omicron.

There are now new concerns in Australia as well. The country reported a total number of over 9 million infections with the coronavirus since the pandemic began, according to With over 84% of the population fully vaccinated against COVID, Australia is doing very well in this area. But despite this aspect, the country’s health system is overwhelmed, and people die of the virus every day, according to The Guardian.

Will restrictions come back in Australia?

To make matters worse, there are even discussions of whether pandemic restrictions and mask mandates are needed once again in Australia. We also spoke about a week ago about the symptoms that the new BA.5 subvariant of Omicron causes. It might be the same variant that led to US President Joe Biden testing positive for the coronavirus as well.

As for the situation in Australia, here’s what Prof. Sharon Lewin, who is Doherty Institute’s director and also an infectious disease expert, ,has to say as The Guardian quotes:

Last year, I definitely did not think we would be in this position.

I definitely thought that with very high vaccination rates and what we knew about Covid vaccination and protection against disease from other variants, it would put us in very good stead.

But I think what we’ve learned, especially over the last four-to-six weeks here in Australia, is the virus really does have a lot of new tricks that were unanticipated.

As for the total COVID-related death toll from Australia that was reported since the pandemic began, it surpasses 11,000 souls, according to



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