COVID Omicron Variant: Here are the Three Key Symptoms

COVID Omicron Variant: Here are the Three Key Symptoms

There are some voices claiming that Omicron will be the last variant of this ongoing COVID pandemic. Although not everybody is that optimistic, what’s for sure is that the new strain is causing a surge in coronavirus infections across the world. 

According to, there are three main symptoms to expect from someone who gets infected with the Omicron variant of COVID. Dr. Suneet Singh, the CareHive Health’s medical director from Austin (Texas), speaks about the Omicron-specific symptoms. He also says that Omicron is less likely to invade the lungs. Instead, it causes more upper respiratory symptoms.

Three apparently harmless symptoms


The three Omicron symptoms to look out for are the following:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat

Dr. Robert Quigley is in favor of COVID vaccination when it comes to protection against Omicron. He declared, as quoted by

For the majority of individuals who are vaccinated and boosted and have contracted the omicron variant, they have experienced mild symptoms consistent with an upper respiratory tract infection.

However, authorities around the world continue to add a lot of faith in the COVID vaccines. In the Canadian province of Quebec, for instance, over 90 percent of residents are vaccinated for the coronavirus. But even so, the authorities from the region are trying to impose vaccines even on those who refuse the jabs by making them pay an extra health tax.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said that half of those hospitalized in intensive care units aren’t vaccinated for COVID. He added, as quoted by The New York Post:

I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90 percent of the population who made some sacrifices,

I think we owe them this kind of measure.

As for the rest of the country, Our World in Data tells us that 77.9% of Canada’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID.

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