COVID News: The CDC Doesn’t Demand Social Distancing and Quarantine in Some Conditions Anymore

COVID News: The CDC Doesn’t Demand Social Distancing and Quarantine in Some Conditions Anymore

For more than two and a half years, people had been told to maintain social distancing from one another and quarantine themselves if they test positive for COVID or if they come in contact with another person who’s infected. While we don’t deny the importance of such measures, surely most people wanted them to go away along with the pandemic itself.

That moment seems to finally be here! According to CNN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that we should finally forget about quarantines in some situations and social distancing. The CDC’s new guidelines shed light. 

Humanity has a lot of ways to tackle the pandemic

If you’re wondering what could have caused such a shift in policy, so did we!

Greta Massetti from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s Field Epidemiology and Prevention Branch explained as CNN quotes:

The current conditions of this pandemic are very different from those of the last two years,

High levels of population immunity due to vaccination and previous infection and the many available tools to protect the general population, and protect people at higher risk, allow us to focus on protecting people from serious illness from Covid-19.

The CDC considers that quarantine is no longer necessary in the case of those who were exposed to the coronavirus but don’t have a positive test result.

Unfortunately, the new BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron variants are still making COVID spread across the world. According to information provided by, over 834,000 new infections with the coronavirus were reported worldwide yesterday, August 11.

Therefore, it may be far too early to say that the COVID pandemic is over, but it’s great to notice that humanity is making a lot of progress when it comes to overcoming it.


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