Covid Devastating Effects: 1 In 3 Survivors Suffers These Disorders

Covid Devastating Effects: 1 In 3 Survivors Suffers These Disorders

As if things weren’t already bad enough, it’s been just reported that there are some pretty devastating effects that Covid survivors will be keeping with them for a while after the disease has passed.

According to the latest reports coming from CNBC, it seems that one in three Covid-19 survivors has suffered a neurological or psychiatric disorder within six months of infection with the virus. 

According to CNBC, the study was published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal on Tuesday, and this analyzed data from the electronic health records of 236,379 Covid-19 patients from the U.S.-based TriNetX network, which includes more than 81 million people.

It’s been also reported that this group was compared with 105,579 patients diagnosed with influenza and 236,038 patients diagnosed with any respiratory tract infection (including influenza).

Neurological and mental health issues 

“Overall, the estimated incidence of being diagnosed with a neurological or mental health disorder following Covid-19 infection was 34%, the study led by researchers at the University of Oxford found when looking at 14 neurological and mental health disorders,” according to the same website mentioned above.

Things are getting even more severe. It’s been revealed that for 13% of these people, it was their first recorded neurological or psychiatric diagnosis.

CNBC notes that “The most common diagnoses after having the coronavirus were anxiety disorders (occurring in 17% of patients), mood disorders (14%), substance misuse disorders (7%), and insomnia (5%). The incidence of neurological outcomes was lower, including 0.6% for brain hemorrhage, 2.1% for ischemic stroke, ad 0.7% for dementia.”

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to learn more ne3s about the subject. 

Coronavirus in the news

There are all kinds of reports lately about the novel virus and the vaccines that could help us end this pandemic. 

For instance, AstraZeneca vaccine has been under the spotlight for a really long time due to some issues regarding the formation of blood clots which triggered even death. 

It’s been just revealed that a top European Medicines Agency (EMA) official said in an interview published Tuesday that there is a link between the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and blood clots.

“In my opinion, we can say it now; it is clear there is a link with the vaccine. But we still do not know what causes this reaction,” Marco Cavaleri, EMA head of vaccines, told Italy’s Il Messaggero newspaper.

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