COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Almost One Million People – Here’s The Outcome

COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Almost One Million People – Here’s The Outcome

Regardless of how many restrictions the authorities try to impose throughout the world, we have to be honest and admit that people will still more or less infringe them. Nobody likes to wear masks, and it’s in human nature to be inclined to break the rules.

Therefore, the best way of dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is to learn how to treat the disease or stop people from getting it by injecting them with a vaccine. Humanity currently has high hopes for getting a COVID-19 vaccine in the near future, as many companies are working on one.

Chinese vaccine tested on almost one million people

Sinopharm developed the experimental vaccine for COVID-19, and it was made as part of an emergency-use program authorized by Beijing. The company reported through Chairman Liu Jingzhen that no dangerous adverse effects had been seen so far.

According to the same Jingzhen, the vaccine was given to Chinese construction workers, students, and diplomats who have been travelling to over 150 countries throughout the world during the ongoing pandemic. Luckily, none of these people reported an infection.

Pfizer and Moderna remain under the spotlight

The American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer announced the results of its Phase 3 coronavirus vaccine trials several days ago. The effectiveness was of 95% for preventing infections even for old people, and there were no serious safety concerns. The Moderna biotechnology company from the US also reported effectiveness of 94.5% for its own vaccine against the COVID-19 disease.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the top US infectious disease expert, is very happy about the work of Pfizer and Moderna regarding the vaccines. He declared:

That is extraordinary,

That is almost to the level of what we see with measles (vaccine), which is 98% effective.

Since the end of 2019 when the COVID-19 outbreak began, over 1.3 million people across the world died because of the disease. Thousands of people infected with the virus die every day on the planet, but the horror will end.



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