COVID-19 Vaccine Scandal: Nurse is Suspected to Have Injected Thousands of People With Salt Water Instead of the Real Doses

COVID-19 Vaccine Scandal: Nurse is Suspected to Have Injected Thousands of People With Salt Water Instead of the Real Doses

Going to get vaccinated for COVID but instead receiving an injection with saline solution may sound amusing to many of us. But it’s what supposedly happened to thousands of Germans. A nurse is suspected of having replaced over 8,500 vaccine doses with salt water, as health officials from the German state of Lower Saxony report.

The numerous people who got vaccinated at the Roffhausen Vaccination Center from March 5 to April 20 are now urged by health officials to come back for revaccination. The news is brought by, and we’re eager to see how things will evolve from now.

The saline solution isn’t harmful

The nurse in question lost her job after the accusation. Another employee of the facility reported her after the nurse supposedly administered six saline shots instead of the real vaccines. After the local police started an investigation, it found that over 8,500 doses of vaccines may have also been compromised.

Credit:, torstensimon
Credit:, torstensimon

According to health officials, the saline solution isn’t harmful. However, they still urge the “vaccinated” people to come back for the real deal.
District administrator Sven Ambrosy declared as quoted by

The fact that we have to start this appeal makes me very upset, because many of our citizens may not have the vaccination protection they wanted, which they are entitled to,

That is why the most important thing for us now is to inform these people, answer their questions and offer them the further vaccination. I therefore ask all citizens to contact us if they have received a vaccination during the period mentioned.

According to a report from CNN, officials said that the police discovered that the nurse was motivated to oppose the COVID vaccinations.

Overall, authorities around the world are strongly encouraging people to get vaccinated for COVID.

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