Covid-19: Trump Makes a Lot of Promises, but the FDA Does Not Approve

Covid-19: Trump Makes a Lot of Promises, but the FDA Does Not Approve

President Trump has returned to the Oval Office, less than a week after he was tested positive for the new coronavirus. Trump stated that he feels great and that this illness is “a blessing from God.” He does not have any symptoms, and he did not have a fever for more than 4 days.

Trump stated that all Americans should have access to the treatments he was given. He promised the nation that he will provide the drugs produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for free.


The cocktail he was given was a cure and not a therapeutic measure. The doses are almost ready, but there is one problem: the drugs from this company have not been approved by federal regulators.


Trump stated: “This was a blessing in disguise – I caught it, I heard about this drug, I said let me take it, and it was incredible. […] You’re not going to pay for it. It wasn’t your fault that this happened. It was China’s fault. And China is going to pay a big price. This was China’s fault.”


The president went to the hospital on Friday and was discharged on Monday. He did not need any supplemental oxygen. His opponents believe that his behavior is quite shocking. The White House has taken a lot of safety measures after his return from the hospital.


As we all know, the presidential election is set for the 3rd of November, 2020. It’s even harder now since the candidates are expected to have a plan to keep things under control when it comes to the pandemic. The President has abandoned the negotiations with the Democrats. Then, he said that he would agree to some of the measurements.

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