COVID-19: The CDC Reveals the Age Group That’s At the Highest Risk of Post-Vaccine Infection

COVID-19: The CDC Reveals the Age Group That’s At the Highest Risk of Post-Vaccine Infection

The COVID-19 vaccines cannot grant total efficiency against the coronavirus, as the manufacturers themselves admitted from the start. Also known as breakthrough infections, cases of those infected with COVID after vaccination are relatively rare. They appear even in the case of receiving both doses of a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
According to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received reports of more than 5,800 people who got infected with COVID despite getting fully vaccinated. Our website has recently written an article about the subject, and you might have to worry more if you’re in a certain age group.

People over 60 years old are at the highest risk

Those who are over 60 years old are at the highest risk of undergoing a breakthrough infection, meaning getting ill with COVID at least two weeks after getting vaccinated. Pretty much anyone can deal with a breakthrough infection, but the CDC reveals that almost half (40 percent) of the patients were over 60 years old.
Perhaps even more interestingly, it turns out that “65 percent of the people experiencing a breakthrough infection were female.”
The CDC wrote the following, as cited by CNN:

So far, about 5,800 breakthrough cases have been reported to CDC. To date, no unexpected patterns have been identified in case demographics or vaccine characteristics.

According to Bloomberg, over 206 million vaccine doses for COVID were administered in the US from a total of 872 million shots given across the world.
Sometimes after someone gets vaccinated for the coronavirus, he will face some mild side effects, which are signs that his body is building protection. claims that the US has exceeded 32.3 million COVID infections, while the death toll surpasses 580,000 deaths.

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  1. Why isn’t it said that it will take over a year to vaccinate the herd in the USA? Why isn’t it told that a third vaccine needed is yet not developed? Why did they spend billions of dollars on vaccines that only had six month aging, no after effect data on a one two year term or studied the mutations it could develop making their vaccine worthless? Their great engineering has completely failed since they didn’t study the possible mutations it could develop itself. Don’t lie to the world. It is a desease caused by the USA for mass extinction backed by Bill Gates and his theory that the world is overpopulated and needs to be reduced to its 20% no matter what. Why is Fauci so knowledgeable about all of this? Wasn’t he involved in the direction, financing and development of Covid-19 in the China Lab. Was it by mistake that it leaked from the Wahum lab or was it a payback by the president Donald Trump as a warning about the dependency the USA has on China and the 1.7 trillion dollar the USA owes them. Trump payback on his non working 25% tax on Chinese goods. International politics is what the USA has loved to do in the past 100 + years meddling their nose were they are really not wanted. Americans wanted to show a force of power over China and it all exploited back in its face. When the Covid-19 exploded in the USA the financial market hit rock bottom and China came in and bought stocks from many mayor USA companies which now are not USA companies but Chinese companies in USA grounds. Like they say:”payback it’s a bi_h” and the USA is getting back their own Pandemia. Americans don’t read history so it’s exploring right back in its face. 580,000 people have died and most of them because Trump did nothing to stop it. Isn’t he involved in the Bill Gates Master Plan? That’s called a Crime Against Humanity.
    The leak of the virus was made by the USA paying some one to let it propagate. What they offered him/her history will reveal itself. Coronavirus was developed and patented in the USA and then sent to China lab for making it múrate and become more aggressive. They even funded the Chinese lab to do it. Reality can be hidden, the USA is the cause of this evil, the USA pharmaceuticals are the ones getting billions and no real solution has really been developed. That’s the real history behind it.


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