COVID-19: The CDC Explains How the Delta Variant is Comparable to Chickenpox

COVID-19: The CDC Explains How the Delta Variant is Comparable to Chickenpox

The Delta variant of COVID-19 that was discovered in India is causing an increase in the number of daily infections across the world. There’s no wonder why, as medical researchers inform us that humanity is dealing with a more infectious strain of the coronavirus than the precedented ones.

According to, there’s new guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We have to say right from the start that it’s not too satisfying news.

The Delta strain is as infectious as chickenpox

The new analysis shows that Delta is as infectious as chickenpox. More precisely, an average person can spread the new strain of the coronavirus to 8 or 9 people. That means a lot, and it’s surely a good enough reason to obey those classical ways of protecting ourselves – wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, frequently washing our hands, and so on.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

President Joe Biden said, as quoted by

This is a much different variant than the one we dealt with previously. It’s highly transmissible, and it’s causing a new wave of cases among those that are not vaccinated. Our experts tell me that cases will go up further before they start to come back down.

As for the COVID breakthrough cases, Karine Jean-Pierre, who is White House Deputy Press Secretary, declared as also quoted by

Yes there have been breakthroughs, but they have been rare. But the problem is, it is now contagious, right, and so that’s why they are asking us to wear a mask. Where before, with the last two variants that we’ve seen, we weren’t seeing that. We weren’t seeing vaccinated people pass that along, and so now that has changed with the delta variant. That is how serious this delta variant is.

The CDC is also urging pretty much everyone to mask up, especially if they’re living in areas that are facing an increase in COVID cases.

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