COVID-19 Tests Available for Every Household? What Former FDA Chief Says

COVID-19 Tests Available for Every Household? What Former FDA Chief Says

Will COVID-19 tests be available for each and every household? They’re indeed demanded by a lot of people, as the numbers of infections and deaths caused by the Delta variant continue to rise. According to data provided by, there’s a total of over 238.9 million COVID cases worldwide ever since the pandemic began.

We don’t know if COVID tests will be available for every household, but they’re surely needed. The Hill reveals that Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner, said that every household should have COVID tests.

Gottlieb declared for CBS’ “Face the Nation”:

Look, I think every household should have a supply of at-home tests, that’s what they’re doing in the U.K. And for people who are priced out of the market, these tests are not cheap,

I think when you’re gathering around the holidays, you have to assess the circumstances. If you have younger kids who are unvaccinated with older relatives who are vaccinated, but still could be vulnerable from a breakthrough infection, using testing to try to protect that setting, I think, makes a lot of sense.

As COVID cases are difficult to stop, authorities are still relying a lot on various treatments and vaccinations for the disease.

There’s no messing around when it comes to the coronavirus. Previous studies even show that it takes longer than expected for smell and taste to recover after COVID infection.

Gottlieb also said that the Biden administration could do more when it comes to subsidizing “the availability of those tests, perhaps distributing them, for example, in the Medicaid program.”

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