Covid-19 Terror: Dangerous Virus Variant Spreads Across The US

Covid-19 Terror: Dangerous Virus Variant Spreads Across The US

We’re still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, a nightmare that managed to kill our normal reality and replace it with this seemingly neverending terror.

On the other hand, there are some viable treatments that can help slow down the pandemic, not to mention the vaccines that are already being used all over the world. 

Regarding the vaccines, there have been some controversial events surrounding them, as you probably know by now.

Also, there’s a new bomb that dr. Anthony Fauci dropped about the new virus. 

It’s been just revealed that Dr Anthony Fauci warned state leaders against the “risky business” of eliminating public health measures, raising concerns on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that the nation could see a new surge in cases if it lets its guard down.

Highly contagious UK covid variant 

CNN just reported that there there’s an extremely contagious Covid-19 variant that has been first identified in the UK, which has also been reported in every state in the US as well. 

Experts are concerned that such spreading variants could lead to a massive surge in new covid cases.

“America appears to be done with the pandemic,” said Dr Michael Osterholm, director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “The virus is not done with us.”

CNN also made sure to note the fact that more than 15,000 cases of the B.1.1.7 coronavirus variant, which also appears to be more deadly, have been reported in the US. While the US races to get Americans vaccinated in time, many experts are asking the public to hold onto precautions for just a little while longer.

It’s been also revealed that the US may not be able to administer vaccines fast enough to avoid another surge.
“We are not going to have enough vaccines, the way we are going, into the arms of enough Americans over the course of the next six to ten weeks with this surge that we are going to stop it,” Osterholm told CNN’s, Erin Burnett. “It’s just simply not going to happen.”

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