COVID-19 Restrictions: What Happens To Indoor Dining?

COVID-19 Restrictions: What Happens To Indoor Dining?

The novel coronavirus changed the face of reality as we used to know it. People’s lives began to be governed by fear and uncertainty, and these days, most of us are trying hard to get used to the new reality that we’re facing.

Our only hope relies on new treatments and a potential vaccine that could keep this pandemic under control and that would allow us to try and resume life as close to normality as possible.

New York Post addresses some of the restrictions that have been implemented in NYC.

They note that the resumption of indoor dining in the city is hinging on a massive step forward such as the development of a coronavirus vaccine. This is what Mayor Bill de Blasio said the otheer day.

It’s obvious that he’s less than optimistic that the eatery owners and workers would be able to start making a living again before June 1, 2021. 

Expecting a vaccine to change our lives in spring 

“We do expect — and pray for and expect — a vaccine in the spring that will allow us to get more back to normal,” he said at his daily press briefing.

He continued, “but I will absolutely tell you, we’re going to keep looking for that situation where we can push down the virus enough where we would have more ability to address indoor dining.”

His message came although the city recoded a 0.59% COVID-19 infection rate, which is one of the lowest rates since back in March.

For instance, New Jersey is looking at things in a different manner, and it’s been announced that restaurants would reopen for indoor dining at 25% capacity. 

As the New York Post reported, de Blasio said the city’s continuous low infection rates aren’t enough.

“Is there a way where we can do something safely with indoor dining? So far, we have not had that moment, honestly,” he said.

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