Covid-19 Protection: Make Your Mask Truly Work Against Coronavirus Infection

Covid-19 Protection: Make Your Mask Truly Work Against Coronavirus Infection

The fight against the novel coronavirus and the terrible disease, Covid-19, that it can trigger continues.

It’s been revealed that new details about coronavirus invading men’s testicles are freaking out people.

But, on the bright side of things, regarding a vaccine, we’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports.

Also, something worth mentioning these days is that Elon Musk surprised his Twitter followers with a few tweets about the novel coronavirus.


He found himself in the middle of a massive controversy about tests. This triggered some massive controversy online. 

In other recent news, it’s been revealed that there’s a pair of new studies on Covid-19 patients that have found out that the novel coronavirus is deadlier for some patients compared to others. The reason involves a previously unknown antibody – this whole subject could lead to lowering death rate for Covid-19 patients if experts find out more relevant details. 

Make your masks truly useful 

In other recent news, CNN discusses the fact that her need a national mask certification and labelling program – this should be able to provide people with valuable info that could help them choose the best face coverings.

As you know by now, there are tons and tons of face coverings available on the market, but not all of them are effective. 

It’s true that any mask is better than no mask, but experts at the N95DECON collaborative have found the level of protection to vary widely among fabric type as well as brands that appear to look similar, CNN notes.

CDC recently updated its guidance to underscore that wearing masks offers a dual benefit to protect the person wearing it and the others around them. 

“Developing a national certification and labelling system for mask effectiveness, educating about their power for preventing infection, and mandating their use,” are essential for combating the new pandemic, CNN notes. 

We recommend that you check out the complete article in order to learn all the available details on how and what to wear for maximum efficiency. 

Also, make sure to check out these essential tips and tricks as well! 

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