COVID-19 Patients are Flooding Children’s Hospitals – The CDC Brings Alarming Stats

COVID-19 Patients are Flooding Children’s Hospitals – The CDC Brings Alarming Stats

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, children were considered very resistant in the face of the disease. But the coronavirus has been through some mutations, and it seems that the little ones might have lost that privilege.

According to a new article from, COVID-19 patients are flooding children’s hospitals. The even more terrifying news, according to the same publication, is that things can get even worse.

Roughly 1,600 children were hospitalized last week

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that about 1,600 children had been hospitalized last week because of COVID-19 infections. This means a 27 percent increase from the previous week, as well as a new seven-day record.

As schools across the US are ready to receive children back, there’s the harsh reality of more opportunities for COVID infections to spread.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Mark Wietecha, who’s CEO of the Children’s Hospital Association, declared as quoted by

We’ve got problems pretty uniformly everywhere,

Most of our children’s hospital intensive care units, if they’re not near capacity, they’re at capacity. We have kids in the emergency department on gurneys.

Wietecha also said, as quoted by the same publication:

We’re crowded in New York, we’re crowded in Chicago, we’re crowded in Denver, Los Angeles, Houston, Texas, Miami. You can go right around the horn,

They are full, every bed, and we normally don’t have that in August.

There’s no telling how the situation will end. The Delta variant keeps spreading in the US, and there’s no wonder why it was considered from the start as the most contagious COVID strain. The majority of COVID infections from the country are of the Delta variant.

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