COVID-19: New Study Confirms Low Risk for Severe Illness in Children

COVID-19: New Study Confirms Low Risk for Severe Illness in Children

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors knew that children are the most resistant in the face of the disease. But as always, all kinds of speculations started to emerge among non-experts, and a new study aims to clear all doubts.

According to BBC, a new analysis confirms that the risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from COVID remains extremely low. However, those under 18 years of age who are already suffering from chronic illnesses and neuro-disabilities and get the coronavirus are at higher risk, but still, the chances of developing severe COVID illness is low if we look at the big picture.

The first 12 months of the COVID pandemic from England were analyzed

According to how things were during the first 12 months of the pandemic in England, very few kids and teenagers who were under 18 years of age died because of COVID infection.
Researchers from the University of York, University College London, and Bristol and Liverpool have great faith in their studies of children, saying that they’re the most comprehensive in the world.

Credit:, Bessi

Lead researcher Prof Russell Viner declared as cited by BBC:

I think from our data, and in my entirely personal opinion, it would be very reasonable to vaccinate a number of groups we have studied, who don’t have a particularly high risk of death, but we do know that their risk of having severe illness and coming to intensive care, while still low, is higher than the general population.

Considering all children and young people from England who had to deal with emergency hospital admission for COVID infection up to February, the stats also look pretty good in this area. About 5,800 children were hospitalized for infection with the coronavirus, while 367,600 were admitted due to other reasons and not even counting injuries.

According to, a total number of over 186.5 million COVID infections occurred worldwide, while the coronavirus caused more than 4 million deaths.


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