Covid-19 Hits the U.S with a New Deadly Wave

Covid-19 Hits the U.S with a New Deadly Wave

Yesterday, August 17, the U.S has reported more than 1,000 Covid-19 deaths in one day. According to a recent article on Reuters tally the average for the past couple of months has been 769 per day. There is a new Covid-19 wave hitting the U.S, and many states have started to prepare new measures to face the situation. Texas has requested five mortuary trailers to prepare for the worst.  

The Biden Administration might implement new restrictions 

Yesterday, news reports mentioned that the Biden Administration is planning to extend several requirements, included the request for travelers to wear masks on airplanes, trains and other public means of transportations. The measure will be extended until January 18 2022. Before the extension, the mask order was intended to end on September 13. 

Companies have implemented vaccination mandates

In order to face this new spike in daily infections and protect their businesses, many companies implemented a vaccination mandate. Those who do not want to get the Covid-19 vaccine will face routine testing and other restrictions. Health providers have also announced that more children are being hospitalized due to the virus, which might be due to the more severe Delta strain. 

Disney and Walmart are among many companies that asked their employees to be vaccinated. The Pentagon and other state institutions have also requested the same. A recent survey indicated that many remain skeptical about the Covid-19 vaccine.  

According to the survey, many U.S residents are ready to quit their jobs rather than getting the vaccine. The U.S has already started to accelerate the vaccination campaign, and more than 70% of U.S residents are already vaccinated. 

The FDA has also approved booster shots for those with a compromised immune system. The decision came to protect those who suffered an organ

transplant or have their immune system compromised. A third shot could increase

their antibody response against dangerous variants such as Delta. 

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