COVID-19 Effects On The Blood Revealed

COVID-19 Effects On The Blood Revealed

There are various effects on the human organism that the COVID-19 triggers, and not too long ago, we also addressed 5 red flags that people should be taking into consideration. 

It’s been just revealed that COVID-19 triggered changes in the blood platelets and this could be a factor that contributes to the onset of heart attacks and strokes in some of the patients, according to the latest reports from new research.

Inflammatory proteins alter the function of platelets 

Fox News writes that experts from the University of Utah Health found that “inflammatory proteins produced during infection significantly alter the function of platelets, making them “hyperactive” and more prone to form dangerous and potentially deadly blood clots,” according to the reports coming from the online publication that we mentioned above.

It’s been also reported that experts are hoping that if they can better understand the causes that lead to these changes, then they could be able to create more effective treatments for patients. 

This report that we mentioned above appears in the publication called Blood which is an American Society of Hematology journal.

An important piece added to the puzzle 

We suggest that you take a look at it in order to learn as many new details as possible. 

“Our finding adds an important piece to the jigsaw puzzle that we call COVID-19,” said Robert A. Campbell, senior author of the study.

He continued and explained that “We found that inflammation and systemic changes, due to the infection, are influencing how platelets function, leading them to aggregate faster, which could explain why we are seeing increased numbers of blood clots in COVID patients.”

Coronavirus in the news 

Other than this, there’s also been revealed some good news about the newly infected patients who show a lower quantity of viral load, and this could mean that the virus could eventually fade on its own, even without the help of a vaccine. 

Also, there’s some news about the best coronavirus treatment that the world has so far. 

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