COVID-19 Cure? New Unexpected Coronavirus Treatment Is Tested

COVID-19 Cure? New Unexpected Coronavirus Treatment Is Tested

There’s one new potential treatment for the novel coronavirus that has just been addressed. Business Insider writes about a woman named Michelle Agard who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It seems that doctors had told her to stop breastfeeding newborn infant following the diagnosis.

On the other hand, it’s been revealed that there’s a scientist whois betting on breast milk from survivors such as Agard to develop a potentially viable antibody treatment for the virus. 

New viable treatment 

Business Insider notes that Rebecca Powell who is a human milk immunologist at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has been connecting with mothers like Agard since back in March, when the novel coronavirus began spreading rapidly across the US.

It’s been revealed that until now, “Powell has personally collected more than 50 samples of breast milk, and her lab’s received more than 800 samples. She tries to keep the milk collection contactless as she travels from home to home.”

It’s important to highlight the fact that there has been a push in the medical industry to create an antibody therapy that could weaken the novel virus or that could prevent infection.

Experts addressed a potential treatment has the chance of being developed faster than a vaccine. On the other hand, most of the research these days is focused on the antibodies in the blood and not breast milk.

Powell explained that the antibodies in breast milk are tough compared to the ones that are found in the human blood because they are designed to survive the gut of an infant and the respiratory tract in order to help block out infections. 

We recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more details. 

Coronavirus in the news 

It’s been also reported recently that a breakthrough aerosol-based drug treatment could drastically reduce the number of new deaths among the people infected with the novel coronavirus. 

More than that, an Italian infectious disease expert believes that the virus is becoming less and less dangerous, and it could eventually disappear without a vaccine, on its own.

There are also reports claiming that this could be the best solution to kill the pandemic

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