COVID-19 Complications: How The Coronavirus Ravages The Body

COVID-19 Complications: How The Coronavirus Ravages The Body

The novel coronavirus comes with a lot of trouble, health-related essentially, but the virus caused an economic crisis around the world as well. 

There have been all kinds of info released lately about the potential second wave of the new coronavirus, but also about the fact that this terrible new problem could pass on its own. Just the other day, we revealed that the danger of coronavirus could pass soon, according to the latest reports.

An Italian infectious disease expert believes that the virus is becoming less and less dangerous, and it could eventually disappear without a vaccine.

Anyway, experts from around the world have been working really hard to find treatments and vaccines for the novel coronavirus. 

Coronavirus ravages the body in multiple ways 

But, despite the good news that has been appearing about this issue, we should definitely not relax too much. Recent information revealed the terrible ways in which the virus is ravaging the body. 

First of all, we already addressed some scary effects that the novel virus has on the health of the brain

Now, it’s been revealed by the latest reports coming from Scientific American that experts have been growing miniature organs in the lab in order to study how the new virus affects the body.

Studies revealed that the virus has great versatility at invading organs, including the lungs, kidneys, liver, and gut. 

Experimenting in the mini tissues 

Experts are also experimenting with drugs in the mini tissues in order to see if the therapies could be viable candidates to treat infected people. 

“The beauty of organoids is that they resemble the true morphology of tissues,” according to Thomas Efferth, a cell biologist at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany.

Such studies have suggested the fact that once it’s in the blood, the virus can infect a few organs, including the kidneys, causing kidney dysfunction in some patients.

Experts said that even if such findings are amazing, the studies are in their infancy at the moment, and it’s too early to assess their relevance. Stay tuned for more info. 

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