COVID-19 Children Hospitalization Rate Reaches Record Levels in the Us

COVID-19 Children Hospitalization Rate Reaches Record Levels in the Us

We are living in some very challenging times, especially due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic. It seems like it’s not going to end in the foreseeable future.

The deadly virus has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe and counting.

One of the main reasons why we haven’t yet gotten rid of the pandemic is the fact that some people refuse to get vaccinated.

Unvaccinated individuals help the virus spread more easily and evolve into even deadlier variants, which can impact even vaccinated citizens, as recent studies suggest.

Nobody likes suffering. However, it’s even more heartbreaking when those who suffer from the virus are children.

Unfortunately, we are here with some bad news because the Covid-19 hospitalization rates for children in the United States reached an all-time high, according to a recent statement from the CDC.

As for the adults, the situation isn’t looking great either – Every age group under 50 has also overpassed the former record of hospitalization, according to a media report, specifying that “the biggest increase was in adults ages 30 to 39 and children under 18, both of which were more than 30 per cent higher than their previous peak”, as per a Xinhua news agency report.

The overall hospitalization rate for all ages is still under the January figure, but when you take into account the fact that more than eleven thousand hospital admissions have been registered over the past week, the United States may face a new record high in a month or less, the CDC stated.

The situation is dire for all of us. However, if you haven’t yet gotten the vaccine, you must be aware that you are part of the problem. That is why we highly suggest that you get a COVID-19 shot as soon as possible, so we can get rid of the pandemic faster and go back to a simpler, less-restrained life like it used to be before the pandemic. Only together can we put an end to this.


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