COVID-19 Causes Peculiar Symptom Regarding Eyeballs

COVID-19 Causes Peculiar Symptom Regarding Eyeballs

COVID-19 is known for causing very unpleasant symptoms, such as headaches, fever, depression, and many more. However, new studies often reveal new ways of manifestation of the disease that put an entire planet on hold. Severe COVID-19 illness can even lead to the death of a patient, and a new article from Fox News reveals another awful outcome.

None of us like the so-called nodules in the eyes and new evidence shows that the symptom can be found in patients who deal with severe COVID-19 illness. The scientists assumed that inflammation related to the coronavirus is the cause or even the positioning of the patient.

129 COVID patients analyzed

The 129 patients were suffering severely from COVID-19, and they had brain MRIs across 16 hospitals. 7% of the patients had at least one “hyperintense nodule” on the back of the eye in the ‘macular region,’ which is key for clear vision.

Patients’ prone position for an extended period of time, when they are placed face down for taking advantage of better oxygenation, could be one of the reasons for the symptom.

Dr. Augustin Lecler, who is the study lead author and also an associate professor at the University of Paris, as well as a neuroradiologist from the Department of Neuroradiology at the Foundation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital in Paris, declared:

We showed that a few patients with severe COVID-19 from the French COVID-19 cohort had one or several nodules of the posterior pole of the globe,

This is the first time these findings have been described using MRI.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowing down in the last few days, although the total number of infections and deaths worldwide is over 110 million and more than 2.4 million, respectively. The US remains the most affected country on the planet, with over 28 million infections and almost 500,000 deaths caused by the ongoing pandemic.



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