Covid-19 Booster Jabs NOT Imminently Needed for Everyone

Covid-19 Booster Jabs NOT Imminently Needed for Everyone

Back in August, the FDA approved booster shots for immunocompromised people. Health experts are working with the data received from the pharmaceutical companies and health statistics regarding the need for a third dose for the general population. Media reports suggested that booster shots could become available for everyone this fall. The Biden Administration talked about the importance of booster jabs to protect our families and ourselves. However, two scientists working for the FDA quit after criticizing offering booster jabs for the general population.

Are booster jabs imminent for the general population?

If we were to look at other countries, the answer would be yes. Israel began a while ago to administer booster jabs, as well as Chile and other countries. The U.K will also start administering booster jabs this month, according to the U.K Health Secretary. The Israelian virus czar even talked about the need for a fourth booster jab and explained that the virus would continue to evolve and stay with us, much like influenza and other viruses.


Most recent studies showed that the vaccine immunity drops after some months. Pfizer announced that its Covid-19 vaccine’s efficiency drops to around 83.7% after four to six months from the second dose.

Why are some scientists against an immediate booster shot for the general population?

A group of scientists, including Philip Krause and Marion Gruber, former FDA experts, published an article in which they mentioned that there is no scientific proof yet, that would justify the administration of a third mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. Another reason was that although the efficiency drops, it remains quite high, and it might be enough for a healthy person. At the same time, they argued that there is a limited supply of vaccines, and they should be offered to those at risk who are still unvaccinated.



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