COVID-19 Becomes The Leading Cause of Death in One of The Most Important Countries in The World

COVID-19 Becomes The Leading Cause of Death in One of The Most Important Countries in The World

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causes thousands of deaths across the world every single day, and Europe is accelerating the review of the vaccine developed by Pfizer. Both COVID-19 vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer had shown great results during the tests, and many people rely on them to help us eradicate the coronavirus. The Pfizer vaccine even got fully approved in several countries.

The USA reported a record number of COVID-19 deaths for yesterday, December 16: over 3,500 people. But things are even more horrifying than that, as the USA is even more affected by the ongoing pandemic than anyone thought possible.

COVID-19 is the leading cause of death in the US

The sad news comes from, and it’s not surprising at all if we take a look at the overall numbers. Almost 317,000 people who were living in the American states died because of the pandemic.

The new stats show that American adults who are over 45 years old have higher chances to die from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus than from drug overdoses, car accidents, other respiratory diseases, and suicide. As for those people above the age of 55, they are at an even higher risk of dying because of the pandemic disease.

Every day in the US, the country reports easily over 100,000 cases of infections since November. The situation is even worsening, as the authors of the new research themselves wrote the following:

The current exponential increase in COVID-19 is reaching a calamitous scale in the US,

Putting these numbers in perspective may be difficult.

However, we’re glad to conclude that there’s also some not-so-awful news brought by the new research.

COVID-19 doesn’t beat cancer for people aged 35-44

When it comes to people of ages between 35 and 44 years old, COVID-19 is not more lethal than cancer, heart disease, and suicide. However, the coronavirus still surpassed other respiratory diseases and car accidents in the case of the ages mentioned above.

Population researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University put COVID-19 deaths into context by comparing the alarming numbers of this year to the leading causes of death between March and October 2018, and sorting by age.

The new report was published in JAMA.

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