Coronavirus Warning: Irreversible Effects On The Human Body Revealed

Coronavirus Warning: Irreversible Effects On The Human Body Revealed

After optimistic news about the novel coronavirus made our day recently when it’s been revealed that the danger could go away by itself, some sad news arrives.

Just a couple of days ago, it’s been revealed that the danger of coronavirus could pass soon, according to the latest reports. An Italian infectious disease expert believes that the virus is becoming less and less dangerous, and it could eventually disappear without a vaccine, on its own. 

Dr. Matteo Bassetti is the head of the infectious diseases clinic at the San Martino hospital, and he just said the virus appears to have become less potent.

Irreversible condition could hit thousands 

It’s been revealed by the latest reports coming from BBC that there are thousands of people who will need to be admitted into hospitals following a serious COVID-19 infection if they have been left with permanent lung damage, according to doctors. 

Experts are becoming more and more concerned that a lot of people could be left with lung scarring – a condition which is also known as pulmonary fibrosis. 

Terrible symptoms could hit people 

The condition is, unfortunately, an irreversible one and the symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue and coughing as well. 

“With all these cases, we can’t say for certain at the moment,” said Dr Sam Hare, an executive committee member of the British Society of Thoracic Imaging and advisor to the Royal College of Radiologists.

He continued and said, “But usually with a virus or infection at six weeks, you would expect the scan to have returned to normal. It hasn’t and that’s the worry.”

We recommend that you check out more details on this worrisome effect and the condition itself in BBC’s original article

Other than this, you should also check out the latest news about the antibodies that infected people developed and the effects that the COVID-19 has on the human brain.

Also, make sure to take a look at some ways in which the novel virus can ravage organs, according to the latest innovative studies.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to wear a mask in closed spaces and avoid crowds. The danger is not gone yet. 

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