Coronavirus Victory: This Inhaler Could Treat Covid-19

Coronavirus Victory: This Inhaler Could Treat Covid-19

Recently, it’s been revealed that there’s new info about an important Wuhan virologist that just popped up, and news about a mutant coronavirus strain in the UK terrified everyone, having them analyze whether the vaccines could work against this one as well. 

The coronavirus vaccines are currently being deployed all over the world, and people have put their faith in them. There are also various treatments that turned out to be viable for the disease that is triggered by the novel coronavirus these days.

All this is extremely important because focusing on optimistic news is vital these days when we keep being bombarded by bad news all over the place. 

Not too long ago, we revealed great news about a drug that can STOP the spread of coronavirus in just 24 hours.

New Covid-19 treatment revealed 

Now, more good news pops up.

Coronavirus antibodies that are made by llamas could be administered to Covid-18 patients in the form of nasal sprays or asthma-style inhalers to help combat the disease that has been triggered by the novel coronavirus. 

Daily Mail notes “Studies have shown that llama nanobodies, made by the animals’ immune systems, are far more effective than their human equivalents at preventing illness and infection from Covid-19.”

The notes continue and reveal that “Lab experiments have shown that the nanobodies adhere to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes Covid-19, effectively neutralising it.”

Teams of experts all over the world have been harvesting llama nanobodies that could help stop the pandemic.

‘One of the exciting things about nanobodies is that, unlike most regular antibodies, they can be aerosolised and inhaled to coat the lungs and airways,’ experts said as reported by the online publication mentioned above. 

It’s been revealed that Americans are expecting their second coronavirus stimulus check and what some of them are doing with the money is pretty intriguing. Check out a previous post about the subject. 


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