Coronavirus Vaccine: The US Could Have It This Year

Coronavirus Vaccine: The US Could Have It This Year

There are various coronavirus vaccines in the works these days and experts all over the world are working to find viable treatments for the COVID-19 disease as well. 

People cannot do anything but stay vigilant and safe while the experts are working to find a way out of this mess that managed to change our lives in 2020.

If you’re wondering when we can really see a vaccine ready for use and how long we have to wait before the fear and uncertainty can finally come to an end, well, it seems that there’s good news ahead.

A vaccine could be ready this year 

CNBC just reported that President Donald Trump said just the other day that the U.S. may have a coronavirus vaccine available to the public ahead of the administration’s goal of the end of the year or early 2021.

“We’re balancing speed and safety and we’re on pace to have a vaccine available this year, maybe far in advance of the end of the year,” Trump reportedly stated during a White House press briefing.

The US President continued and said: “And we’re mass-producing the most promising candidates in advance so that we’re ready upon approval. We have our military lined up, it’s logistics, it’s all about logistics.”

It’s also important to note that the President mentioned vaccine candidates from the popular drug companies Pfizer and Moderna. You probably know by now that both began late-stage trials for their leading vaccine candidates last week.

“These are companies that are not only well know, they are well respected,” Trump said.

More viable treatments in the works

It’s been revealed just the other day that there are more treatments around the world that are being tested for COVID-19 diseases and some of them turned out to be working. A new debate is happening around the treatment called RLF-100.

The New York Post just revealed that the critically ill COVID-19 patients managed to recover quickly from the respiratory failure following three days of being treated with the therapy mentioned above.


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