Coronavirus Vaccine: One Shot Will Not Be Enough

Coronavirus Vaccine: One Shot Will Not Be Enough

It’s been revealed that when a coronavirus vaccine is out on the market, people will probably need a couple of doses instead of just one. This could reportedly cause massive issues, according to the latest reports coming from CNN.

Some of the issues will have a logistical nature – difficulties procuring test kits and protective gear in the pandemic are pointing to supply chain issues and these could be plaguing distributing double vaccine doses for a whole country.

Other potential concerns are, for instance, convincing people to show up to get a vaccine twice.

“There’s no question that this is going to be the most complicated, largest vaccination program in human history, and that’s going to take a level of effort, a level of sophistication, that we’ve never tried before,” said Dr. Kelly Moore, a health policy professor at Vanderbilt University.

Mass vaccination programs on short notice 

CNN also reveals that there is a precedent for developing mass vaccination programs on short notice. They bring up the fact that back in 2009 when a new strain of flu emerged, a vaccine program vaccinated 161 million Americans in a few months.

This means that the upcoming coronavirus vaccine program will be a difficult one to pull off, CNN continues.

It’s important to note that making 660 million doses for 330 million Americans is a tough feat.
“We’re looking at double shots. That’s twice the amount,” said Nada Sanders, a professor of supply chain management at Northeastern University.  “Doubling is a huge supply chain issue.”

We recommend that you check out the complete article posted by CNN in order to learn the details. 

A vaccine in September?

The other day, we were revealing that the US will have four coronavirus candidate vaccines in clinical trials by September. This is a fantastic thing since we’ve all seen how the timeline of the virus has amazed us all. It all started in December, and here we are now, with a possible vaccine in works.


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