Coronavirus Vaccine: Even Without One, There’s Still Hope

Coronavirus Vaccine: Even Without One, There’s Still Hope

Experts are working on a vaccine to defeat the novel coronavirus all over the world. But while some believe that a vaccine will not even be useful because a lot of people are not going to get it, other experts, on the other hand, expressed their opinion that the virus can fade on its own in time, even without a vaccine. 

This brought a lot of hope for people whose lives have changed drastically this year. Our lives are now governed by fear and uncertainty, and we don’t know when and if things can ever get back to normal, to something as close to the previous life as possible.

There is still hope, even without a vaccine 

CNN just noted that a lot of hope has been placed on the possibility to have a vaccine by the end of this year. Overcoming the technical challenges of developing a vaccine and all the safety issues that come with this, is definitely not easy.

It could be possible to have a vaccine ready by the end of this year but this doesn’t also mean that things will go perfectly.

CNN writes, “Vaccines don’t act as impenetrable shields that prevent viruses from entering our bodies. Rather, they teach our bodies how to rapidly mobilize our immune defenses against a foreign invader. The rapid immune response helps us clear the virus from the body before it wreaks its damage.”

The article also highlights the fact that even without a vaccine, there’s still reason for hope, as we said at the beginning of this piece. 

Solutions will probably take the form of anti-covid drugs that will be able to treat newly infected patients and prevent others from becoming ill. 

There are various studies that address this issue and highlight the work on all kinds of viable treatments. 

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