Coronavirus Testing: Experts Debate Infecting People On Purpose

Coronavirus Testing: Experts Debate Infecting People On Purpose

The fight against coronavirus continues, and countries all over the world keep working on treatments and vaccines. There have been all kinds of announcements made regarding the potential success of a vaccine and the suppositions keep pouring.

Now, it’s been revealed that experts are debating infecting people with the novel coronavirus in order to test vaccines.

This technique is called a human challenge trials, and it’s been used before to evaluate other vaccines as well.

Exposing immunized people to coronavirus 

New York Times writes that one way to check if a coronavirus vaccine is working is to immunize healthy people and then exposing them to the virus, according to the latest suggestions of some specialists. 

This strategy is called a human challenge trial, and it could save time because “rather than conducting tests the usual way — by waiting for vaccinated people to encounter the virus naturally — researchers could just infect them,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

It’s also important to mention the fact that such challenge trials have been used to test vaccines for typhoid, cholera, malaria, and other diseases. 

It’s been also revealed that in the US, the government researchers are saying that although the main focus is placed on traditional clinical trials, they have begun preparing for human challenge trials as well. 

Coronavirus might be in Europe since March 2019 

In other news, Science Alert reveals that some recent studies suggest that the virus has been circulating an Italy as early as December 2019, but it seems that experts at the University of Barcelona found traces of the virus when testing untreated wastewater samples dated 12 March 2019.

We recommend that you check out the complete article in order to learn all the details. 

Other than this, some good news is also worth mentioning – it’s been revealed that the danger of coronavirus could pass soon, according to the latest reports.

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